Helping Hands For Jace

EIA is featuring a fundraiser that’s close to our hearts called “Helping Hands For Jace.” All the money raised will benefit a very brave kid named Jace Halsell. Here is his story:

Jace Halsell was only 11 years old when he was diagnosed with AVM, a malformation located in the center of his brain. Because of the location of the AVM, it is not surgically treatable. The only true option his family has is to monitor Jace for the rest of his life and pray that the malformation never ruptures.

Because of the severe nature of Jace’s condition, “routine” doctor visits are no longer routine. Something as simple as coughing and sneezing can be alarming enough to require extensive and expensive testing to ensure the AVM has not become worse.

The kinds of tests the Halsell family will have to pay for are very expensive and will come on short notice. And because there are no doctors in Lubbock that have the expertise necessary, they will also be required to travel out of town or out of state in order to get the high level of medical treatment Jace will need.

Jace’s story has touched all of us at EIA. He is truly a special kid. Through all of the tests, trials, appointments, and doctors visits, he keeps a smile on his face. He’s an inspiration to us all.

We created a Go Fund Me page to help to the Halsells with their medical expenses. Our goal is to raise $1,500 to help support Jace’s Journey.

We created our FIRST custom EIA Buddy Fiesta Medal this year! Instead of selling them, we are asking for a minimum donation of $5 to Jace’s GoFundMe page. Your generosity will help Jace get the medical treatment he needs. Plus you will be the proud new owner of our very first edition of San Antonio Fiesta 2019 medal.

You can donate in office or those who have donated to the GoFundMe page can have the medal mailed to them if they are out of city/state or unable to make it into the office.

Together, through helping hands, we can make a difference in his life. Stay strong, Jace!

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