Homeowners Water Claims Process


1. Water mitigation – Customer needs to shut water, mitigate damages by putting fans, use shop vac and/or by contacting a restoration company and/or plumber to mitigate the damages.


2. Field Adjuster will come out to inspect once the restoration or mitigation has been completed. However, the customer will have to contact their adjuster to let them know the mitigation process has been completed.


3. Estimates – the field adjuster will write up their own estimate of the damages and submit to the desk adjuster – customer should send any receipts or estimates from the restoration company to the desk adjuster and reference the claim number.


4. Contractor – Some insurance carriers may have a preferred contractor list. The customer has an option to choose from the preferred carrier contractor list or choose one of their own. If the customer chooses their own contractor then it will be the customer’s responsibility to provide the adjuster’s name, phone number, claim number and adjuster’s email to their contractor and send the name of the contractor and contact information to their adjuster.


5. Home Repairs – The adjuster will compare the insurance carrier estimate with the customer’s contractor’s estimate, if there are any discrepancies, the adjuster will contact the customer’s contractor to negotiate the labor, materials etc from each estimate. The adjuster must approve the repairs as they want to be certain the contractor’s estimate is in line with the cause of loss/damages to the property. Any supplements will need to be approved by the adjuster.


6. Mortgage note – There may be a case that a check will be made to the insured and the mortgage. The customer will need to contact the mortgage to see how to get the funds released. The customer will need to confirm with their adjuster.


Please note that most of the above steps apply to general Water claims for Texas Homeowners.  Certain Insurance companies might have additional, different or alternative steps or stages for the Water claims process.  We recommend following the Insurance Companies guidelines for all claims.

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