What Our Clients Say About EIA

  • Great customer service. I highly recommend EIA. They went above and beyond all expectations I had for an insurance company. They not only treated me like a great customer, but like family.
    Scott Norman
    San Antonio, TX

  • Amy Hurst is informative, professional, and really cares about her clients. I have a "fair share" of experience in this area, and have found Amy and Ellis to be great business partners. It is imperative to have the right insurance coverage, and we Highly recommend the Ellis team!
    John Weber
    San Antonio, TX

  • Very prompt and curiosity, Lee and the staff really went their way to provide all the information I needed to make the best choice for coverage. Thank you Lee.
    Eric Argueta
    San Antonio, TX

  • Thank you, Jerry. We are deeply appreciative of the world class service we have been provided and the customized coverage we are receiving. Regards, Craig & Adriane
    Craig H. & Adriane B.
    Patriots' Roofing
    Dallas, TX

  • We have been in business for 6 years and initially got insurance through Ellis Insurance, not having the slightest idea how anything was going to work. The staff at Ellis has been unbelievable in their help and their advice, without overselling what we needed in coverage for our unique business. They are very fast in getting certificates of insurance to us so we can do business with our contractors. We are very thankful we went to Ellis and we would HIGHLY recommend them. Thank you Ellis Insurance for making it so easy for us to do our business.
    Chris L.
    RK Infrared
    San Antonio, TX

  • I have been working with Neal, Jerry, Nicole & the rest of the Ellis Insurance Agency (EIA) since 2012. When Neal & Jerry first quoted me for auto insurance my monthly payments actually increased by $6 a month!! Neal found out that my previous coverage (or lack there of) was inadequate, hence my lower monthly payment. Neal took the time to explain to me the basics of insurance e.g. the right amount of coverage, how much it pays, the different categories of insurance, rental reimbursement etc. After a lengthy but extremely informative conversation (a conversation that my former company would never have had with me) I was sold. Not only was I getting top notch service & the right amount of coverage with a reputable insurance company, but I was now dealing with some of the best Agents in Texas, and I would argue the nation. In my opinion, I am paying $6 extra a month to work with experts that treat you like family, I couldn't be happier. I have since switched all of my insurance needs over to EIA and they have walked me through the process just like before. I would highly recommend EIA to anyone that is not satisfied with their current provider, shopping for new coverage or if you are just looking to reduce your current bill. If I had to choose two words that set EIA apart from the rest they would be: Service & Expertise.
    Andrew Rodriguez
    San Antonio, TX

  • I have used Ellis Insurance for my personal needs for over 30 years. When I started my own business 4 years ago, it was natural to go straight to Jerry and his team to help me navigate all the special insurance a service company needs to protect its self, its workers, and its clients. We are a senior move management company and a household goods carrier and therefore have lots of ground to cover insurance wise. I have gone many times to Jerry and Karen for a "refresher" to make sure I understand how we are covered and for what. I have said this before and just said it to someone yesterday: It is so beneficial to my company (and to my sanity and security) to have one stop for all our insurance needs!
    Peggy Brown
    Generations Senior Moving and Transition Services
    San Antonio, TX

  • Blair Jones Company has had great success using Ellis Insurance Agency. We have multiple companies that need spontaneous certifications and instant demands. Ellis Insurance has met our expectations year after year and we look forward to many more.
    Blair Jones
    Blair Jones Company
    San Antonio, TX

  • Ellis Insurance Agency is professional and efficient. I don't have to call them often but when I do, they are quick to respond.
    Omar Cardenas
    Champion Roofing
    San Antonio, TX

  • I’ve been doing business with Ellis Insurance Agency for over 10 years. Jerry and his people are fantastic to work with in every aspect. I not only have my personal insurance but also my commercial with them. Each and every time I’ve needed help they are ready to do so and have. I have recommended them to many of my friends and family.
    Brad A. Radick
    San Antonio, TX

  • Ellis Insurance Agency is the best!!! Farm to Juice has been insured by Ellis from the beginning (almost 4 years) and we are extremely satisfied. Very personable and they are always there to answer any questions we have. You will not be disappointed by having Ellis Insurance Agency in your corner. Happy Juicing!!!
    Robert Baughn
    Farm to Juice
    San Antonio, TX

  • I learned more about home and auto insurance in 20 minutes with Eddie than I've ever known. Although Eddie is an expert in his field, he is able to explain the details of all aspects of insurance in a way that anyone can understand and he comes across as helpful and friendly, something that's rare these days. I feel safe and adequately covered with Eddie taking care of me.
    Tim Lee
    Client Since 2012
    San Antonio, TX

  • Debra Trimmier has been our agent for home and auto insurance for many years. She is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable when advising and explaining coverage. She personalizes our policies to meet our family’s needs and is available for any questions or changes requiring updated coverage. Through the years she has been interested in my family, children, their activities and our future. I depend on her to help me make the right decisions with my insurance needs.
    Roz Adams
    San Antonio, TX

  • I have personally and professionally been using Ellis and Kevin Johnson for all my insurance needs for years and I would not ever consider any other agency. Ellis has always given me timely quotes, best price points and most importantly given me the coverage for all my insurance needs. I love the open door policy, consulting me on my company, home and auto insurance policy's to better serve myself and my family. I now want to single out Kevin Johnson and Karen Davis for all your time, patience and efforts to answer all my questions, changes and updates to any of the many insurance policies I currently have with your company.
    Dominick Pizzuto, President
    Pool Innovations Inc.
    San Antonio, TX

  • We at iWORKS PERSONNEL INC. pride ourselves on our accessibility, reliability, responsiveness, as well as, our ability to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, so when we needed to TEAM up with an Insurance Agency with these same values, we looked long and hard before choosing Ellis Insurance Agency. Karen Davis & Eddie Sandoval epitomize the professional & accessible leaders in their industry, which helps us expedite our ability to service a very diverse client base in South & East Texas. I, Luis Trevino, CEO of iWORKS PERSONNEL INC., would recommend Ellis Insurance to everyone!
    Luis Trevino
    Iworks Personnel Inc.
    San Antonio, TX

  • There is nothing like working with friends! Whether they become friends after they help you with insurance or were friends before. Debra is one of those who supports her friends and customers in every way she can. I recently benefited from her wonderful support and expertise first hand: I was out of state on vacation when two of my policies needed to be revised. Not only did she "very politely" keep after me but she even ended up coming in on a Saturday to make sure I had my coverage. I was out playing all the while! Thank you Deb for looking out for my best interests!
    Peggy Brown
    Generations Senior Moving and Transition Services
    San Antonio, TX

  • Eddie is the most professional, responsive and appropriately creative insurance agent I have ever dealt with. He has helped me through some perplexing insurance situations with great ease and success. I highly recommend him.
    Franz Fleischli
    Client Since 2010
    San Antonio, TX

  • Eddie and I have worked together all the way back to our State Farm days. He has consistently been a front runner which I attribute to his attention to detail and heightened level of professionalism. I look forward to great things to come!
    Stafford Jacobs
    Client Since 2009
    San Antonio, TX

  • Eddie- Has provided property and casualty insurance on three of my investment properties and each time he has provided a quick turn-around, good pricing, and accurate coverage. I strongly recommend Eddie for all your insurance needs.
    Sterling Burnett
    Client Since 2011
    San Antonio, TX

  • Eddie is a friend of mine who also happens to be my insurance agent. Eddie is an expert in the business and did a great job over the years finding the right coverages and getting all of the available discounts for me. Eddie is a very nice guy you can trust. I personally recommend him to anyone.
    David Sheridan
    Client Since 2013
    San Antonio, TX

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