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Alamo Tees & Advertising (Alamo Tees) is known for swift adaptation of meeting the marketing needs for all of our customers. Since our inception in 1991, Alamo Tees has been a company of growth. Alamo Tees started out as a small “cut and sew” business manufacturing t-shirts for local screen printers in San Antonio, Texas. Our business quickly grew by incorporating in-house graphic design and screen printing to our services. Due to an increase of imports from Mexico and other countries, Alamo Tees focus changed from manufacturing to decorating. We added embroidery to our list of services to meet other customer needs. Many of our customers were using one company for screen printing, another company for embroidery, and yet a third company for promotional products. We decided to offer our customers a one-stop shop solution. Thus, was created Alamo Tees & Advertising!

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