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Bryan Branz founded Key Witness Security LLC in September 2013 to bring awareness to the local San Antonio and surrounding community regarding False Alarms and to provide a practical solution to this ongoing problem.

After spending 12 years in the Detention Industry, helping to keep our nation’s prisons secured, Bryan Branz learned one important fact working on Alarm Systems: False Alarms are dangerous!

Bryan discovered the latest technology in “video verification”, which is a way to visually confirm that a legitimate alarm has actually occurred.  So when a break-in occurs, the system he chose to implement sends a 7-second video clip to a monitoring center here in San Antonio to visually confirm that there is an actual alarm event.

Problem solved!  When the Police are dispatched for an alarm, it is for real.  Bryan could move forward with this company with a clear conscience knowing that these verified alarms (i.e. crimes in progress) get priority response from law enforcement which means that they go straight to the top of the queue.

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