EIA In The News: New Website Launch

EIA is expanding into the world of modern web design, social media, and beyond. As technology is ever-evolving, we decided it was time for a website restoration. Not just aesthetically but also in content and functionality as per a legal analysis done by experts on the matter.ellis_newlogo_400x400

The new website has functions that make it easier new and current customers to easily and quickly access insurance quotes and claims, go now and check for your Dodge Ram Insurance cost. It is 100% mobile responsive and includes a new interactive feature called Clickable Coverage, which allows visitors to click-and-learn about their unique insurance risks and coverage options.

EIA redesigned the website with the customer and implementing new features in mind. Covering additional areas we did not as a company before is also something we look forward to evolve into as time goes on. As one of our first steps towards this direction, we now have DUI lawyer in Nashville, TN available to everyone. In conclusion, the goal was to create an effortless and enjoyable experience, while at the same time conveying the values and vision of the agency.

What’s New?

1. Access to Quick Quotes to save time and money

2. Clickable Coverage

3. EIA Advocate Referral Program 

4. Quick access to client service for claims or policy changes to save time

5. Updated logo

As a family-owned business, EIA is passionate about providing an outstanding level of care to their clients by developing meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. EIA’s agents want to be the trusted advisor in all areas of life touched by insurance. Their mission is to help plan for the future so their clients can live in the moment. The new website is the first step to ensuring that current and future clients get the best insurance experience  possible.

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